Izzy: Boxers or briefs?

Cyco: Actually neither I have no real preference so it is up to what the day brings to comfort

Electric shaver or gel and razor?

Powder to paste...it gets me the smoothest for touch for a longer period of time...

Do you/have you ever kept a dream journal?

At one time as I would awake, I would write down my dreams so I could go back and interpret them...on the other...write down my dream goals if you will so that I can remind myself of my porpoise for this life.

Do you believe in past lives/reincarnation?

Yes...but more in dept than that...what if our present consciousness has no knowledge of our past but our past life governs us...it would explain a lot.

If you could have lived in any time period, which one would it have been?

The future...

What is your favorite scent? (Not necessarily a perfume /cologne)

I most enjoy the scent of a dark hared woman's neck as she tilts it slightly inviting me to supple the soft skin with my lips..the aroma of a deep felt desire and mutual lust.

What animal best represents you?

I have never really thought about that but I used to have a bond, if you will, with a Falcon.

What song do you most identify with?

Oh my...this is getting difficult...i really have no one song to identify with because I have so many moods that I listen to music in...to single out only one would limit your impression of who I am.

Are you superstitious?

No not really but I do have a slight indifference about Friday the 13

Do you have any secret fears or dreams?

Well I think those who know me already know my dreams and desires...but my biggest fear I think is of dying without anyone ever knowing of me...

What do you want to have happen to your body after you die...burial or cremation?

I used to want parts of me donated to science for study...but now i don't really care too much...I feel that once my spirit has been released from it's shell the body can be used as how my family thinks or feels.

Do you meditate?

In my own way...I like to listen to dark music or something backwards and slow while just leaving my mind open to thought...often the side affect is I become so relaxed I seem depressed...but I ususally like being in that state of mind sometimes.

If you had the opportunity to know all that would happen to you from this day forward, would you care to know?

Interesting that you would ask that question...I used to be able to read minds but I didn't like knowing what people thought of me so I stopped practicing and now I only can do it under conditions where my level of consciousness is liquid...I can still read minds and see or feel what other people are doing...but knowing my own before it happens I would have to say only sometimes but not all the time...maybe only one day at a time...definitely not all at once...

Are we born with a destiny or is life what you make of it?

I believe we have a destiny even before birth and part of it is the belief that we think we can change it when in fact the change itself as an action was part of our destiny...

Do you believe in fate?

Too much has happened in my life not to believe in fate or destiny. It would have to be known as "the ultimate seduction to living"

Do you believe in soul mates?

If you mean meeting someone eventually that was destined to be "for you" so to speak...I find it hard to believe on a personal basis...only because I have not yet met someone that I feel will actually be with me forever...now it seems like every person I let have a piece of my heart is supposed to only be a growing period...but I yearn for that to happen finally one day and forever have it all in one true love...but as we all have experienced...it seems like it will never come.

Is there one aspect of a woman that is instrumental in causing you to "fall" for her, or is each relationship/"crush" unique?

Each can be unique...but I have found that the eyes have a tight hold on me...the expression of that personality and the person comes out in the eyes...This may sound strange but if a beautiful woman stood before me naked ...I would be more inclined to fall for her eyes than anything else...

Do you believe there is a superior sex? or are we on completely different spheres?

Superior...why would anyone want to be labeled as such just because of a birth right...the sexes are pretty much equal...it is all about how you grew up ...with limitations or unlimited.

What is you favorite sound?

The female voice...singing softly and with such emotion and sincerity...speaking with pure affection and tonality...

What is the most beautiful sounding instrument?

I think it would be the Violin...the notes being played with stimulating compassion and love...two or three together in harmony...yeah...I think I like the violin for now...

What is your favorite type of music, or are your tastes diverse?

Oh very diverse..I could write a Country song just as easily as a Heavy Punk or Pop tune...but for my own listening pleasure..I would have to say heart felt Gothic and Industrial...I like to feel the music and the power of the lyric...if I want to dance...I would desire to be impelled to dance hard and long by the influence of such music...if I prefer to think..I want to be able to comtemplate for hours about everything and anything even if merly nothing...

Did you ever have an imaginary friend in your lifetime?

Yeah...but honestly they were really there...and I like their company...

What is the last thing you do before turning out the light at night?

Blindfold myself and turn up the music...

Silk or cotton sheets?

Cotton...I don't think I like the idea of waking up and finding that I have slid off the bed and onto the floor during the night..

Do you sleep with one or two pillows?

Two...one to sleep on...the other to hold.

Do you dream in black and white or color?

Color...I have heard a saying that we all dream in black and white and just remember the dream in color...but that really makes no since to me...I have always dreamed in color...

What is the first thing you do when you wake up/get up in the morning?

Look out the window to see what kind of day it is going to be...

Are you a beach person or an outdoorsy person?

Definately...if it were up to me that every day and night be perfect...it would include driving on and on...with the top down on a warm windy evening...or on my motorcycle with no shirt and the wind in my hair...I like to feel free and open...I like to look out over the world and wonder what everyone down there is doing...thinking...dreaming...a nice drive along the coast on a picture perfect day...

If you could relive one 24 hour period, without making any changes, when would it be?

It would be the day I first met my first real love...to relive that moment of bliss and ecstasy for another 24 hours would bring tears to my eyes...and joy to my soul...

How do you eat an Oreo cookie?

Really...well I would take the whole cookie dunk it in milk and soak until it gets almost soggy then try to put the whole thing in my mouth before it melted...mmmmmm so good...



Interview conducted November 11, 1996

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