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Tips &Instructions:

Installing an OEM Sunroof

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All tips and instructions represented on this site are not performed by a pro or is intended to come across as such. They are just tips based on my own experiance and or modifications performed on my personal Fieros which have worked for me. The tips and instructions are meant only for the Pontiac Fiero and no other vehicle. You may find an easier way or better way to do what I have explained in any of the sections. If a pro recommends otherwise a procedure I have written, please take it under extensive consideration. If you have any other questions or notice a fault in my instructions please feel free to let me know. I cannot be held liable for any damage, loss of time, or similar, resulting from the tips and instructions that are placed here as a personal experiance guide and not a factory authorised Instruction and Repair Manual.

In short, check out what I've written, use your own logic and experiance. Ask a second opinion from a repair shop or fellow Fiero owner BEFORE you attempt any of my tips or instructions.


It's very easy actually to remove your original solid roof and replace it with an OEM Sunroof, with only a couple hang ups that can be found along the way..

First thing is finding a good candidate roof...hoping that the headliner is in good condition to either reline or just use as is. You can purchase a complete roof with glass in good-very good condition from me. Check the Main Page for current prices and email for available colors.

Use a plastic container to hold all your screws and bolts, such as a drink bottle. This will be an asset because it will keep everything in one place and hopefully avoid loosing any needed pieces.


Tips &Instructions:

Installing an OEM Sunroof


Unbolting the Roof

Removing the Roof

Installing the Roof


Unbolting the Roof

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1. Remove the plastic trim from the interior of the car. This includes the rear plastic trim which means you will need a Torx driver to remove the seatbelt bolt.

2. Remove the light consoles...front and 3rd break light along with the two clips that hold your clothes hangers and the sun visors.

(Remember to place the screws in that plastic container.)

3. Carefully remove the headliner and set it aside.

4. Now you should notice that your roof is already set up to accept the factory sun roof. All you have to do is remove the nuts and screws that attach the fiberglass roof to the metal roof of the car. There are approximately 8 nuts/bolts that attach the roof. Note that there are three nuts at the rear most of the roof. you will not need to remove these because they are for the rear clip and not the roof section.

5. Now that all the interior section should be ready to remove you will need to move to the front of the car so raise that hood.

6. Remove the windshield wipers

7. Remove the screws that retain the black plastic cover at the bottom of the windshield.

8. Now you should have the complete roof trim exposed to your view.

9. carefully remove the rubber trim that surrounds the windshield...carefully now because you will need to reinstall this once done.

10. Remove the screws that retain the roof trim to the bottom of the windshield.

11. Double check interior and exterior that you have removed all the nuts/bolts/screws that are required.

12. Now comes the hard part. The roof is applied to the car with a very stick weather strip adhesive. This stuff is very sticky and even after it is cut, it will instantly rebind itself. The following is the part that will determine the success of your roof removal...(in one piece)...I recommend finding some cardboard and a good throw away knife from the kitchen. (don't use your best silverware for this job)


Removing the Roof

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The most important thing that I can't stress enough is remembering to take your time with this step.

1. Carefully lift the fiberglass roof from the frame of the car. remember that the weather strip sticky stuff can be anywhere so if you feel resistance then first double check that you have removed all the required nuts/bolts. Then check to see if there is that sticky stuff holding you down.

2. Cut the sticky stuff with your blade and if possible insert the sheet of cardboard between the fiber roof and the car frame. Doing this will help keep the stick stuff from sticking back to itself and should ease the removal of the roof.

3. Be extremely careful as removing the fiber roof from around the windshield so that you do not crack the windshield. TAKE YOUR TIME!

You really don't want to crack the windshield or your fiber roof.

4. Now you should have your roof completely off the car. It may have take a while or it may have been a snap...(no pun intended)...all that is left now is installing the sun roof.


Installing the Roof.

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Now all that is left is to install the sunroof. That's easy just do everything in reverse. I recommend using that cardboard in the installation process because it will allow you to align the roof without the sticky stuff slowing this process.

1. Make sure the bolts align with their respective holes in your frame roof.

2. Install all bolts/nuts finger tight only then make sure everything looks good from all sides.

3. install the windshield trim. Plastic drain, Wipers, Ext. Sunroof trim.

4. Now tighten all bolts/nuts only if everything looks good (almost factory alignment) No big gaps!

5. Install headliner, Plastic trim pieces, Sunroof latch, sun visor etc.

6. In the front you should be able to now install the holder for the wind deflector. There are three metal tabs that have square holes. In these holes, plastic inserts should be placed that hold the sunroof holder/deflector holder in place.

7. On the front (towards radiator) you should notice two bolts sticking out at you. On these bolts you will be able to attach the sunroof place holder.

8. You should also have two rubber strips that attach to the underside of the hood. There are two areas similar in size to the rubber strips that these set on. It is required to have these two pieces to keep your sunroof from bouncing around in your storage area on the days you wish to take the sunroof off and have completely open air.

9. Um...I think you are done!

10. If you run across any difficulties always remember to look at what the problem is and practice patience. It takes me nearly an hour and a half to do this conversion myself. And I've done it many time already.


Final Notes:

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If you do crack your fiber glass roof don't fret there are plastic/fiberglass repair products out there that can assist in fixing the crack. The trick is to do it carefully and slowly so that you won't have to do any extra repair work.


Good Luck


If you find fault in my instructions please email me so I may correct any errors.

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