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Tips &Instructions:

Making the Notchback lights work for the Fastback

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All tips and instructions represented on this site are not performed by a pro or is intended to come across as such. They are just tips based on my own experiance and or modifications performed on my personal Fieros which have worked for me. The tips and instructions are meant only for the Pontiac Fiero and no other vehicle. You may find an easier way or better way to do what I have explained in any of the sections. If a pro recommends otherwise a procedure I have written, please take it under extensive consideration. If you have any other questions or notice a fault in my instructions please feel free to let me know. I cannot be held liable for any damage, loss of time, or similar, resulting from the tips and instructions that are placed here as a personal experiance guide and not a factory authorised Instruction and Repair Manual.

In short, check out what I've written, use your own logic and experiance. Ask a second opinion from a repair shop or fellow Fiero owner BEFORE you attempt any of my tips or instructions.

Here is what I have done to make the tail lights work seperate from the turn signals on the GT models.  

For this procedure you will need after removing the tail light assembly:

  • Wire cutters
  • Electical tape
  • Approximately 12 feet of Light Blue (recommended) stranded wire.
  • 2 sockets for driver side turn signal yellow, black wire from the socket.
  • 2 sockets for passenger side turn signal green, black wire from the socket.
  • 4 sockets for the pontiac illumination brown, black wire from the socket.


Tips &Instructions:

Notchback to Fastback Light rewire


Finding where to splice from

Splicing the brake switch lead wire

Splicing the Turn Signal sockets

Finding where to splice from

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I first used the wiring diagram from the Haynes book on Fiero. Using the pages 289 for the exterior lights. The top diagram. The section refered to is to the right most upper section of the top diagram. There you will see the wiring for the brake switch.

I also used the exterior lights top diagram from page 290 of the Haynes book on Fiero to see the wiring of the tail lights.

Splicing the brake switch lead wire

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1. On the brake switch at the brake pedel, there is a switch that has only a orange wire and a white wire pluged into it.

2. Cut the white wire, attach, from the switch white wire, the light blue wire you have gathered for this project....(I used a Light Blue wire so that it matches the wiring schematic)

3. Route the wire through to the back of the Fiero. This wire is attached FROM THE SWITCH. I ran this wire under the center console and out the firewall through the existing wiring loom holes. then accross the driver side of the car an through the frame, still following the wiring loom already in place, till I reached the tail lights section.

On GT models there is a light blue wire that is on both sides. This is where you will wire together the lead wire from the brake switch.

If your Fiero does not have the three wires from the tail lights....Light Blue, Brown, and Black. Then you will simply need to exchange two of your tail light sockets with the ones for the GT model which does have the light blue wire. Simply wire the black to black and brown to brown on each side. Then use the lead wire you added from the brake switch to the light blue wire lead from the light socket.

You will have an extra bulb socket that will not be used. simply remove the bulb and place it out of the installation way of the tail light assembly.

You will now have replaced only two of the tail light sockets which will be used as brake lights on the Fastback Tail light assembly.

Use electrical tape to splice all wires. After the system is checked you may want to sodder the wires together for durability.

Splicing in the Turn Signal sockets

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Notice that your tail lights have on the driver side a Yellow wire and on the passenger side a Green wire. These two wires are for the turn signal lamp illumination.

Do not wire the yellow or green wires into your stop lamps or you will defeat the use of this article.

Instead you will need two on each side for the turn signal lamps.

Simply wire in the sockets as matched by color to your wire harness. Remember that the yellow and green wires are not used on the stop light sockets.

You will only need to wire in 4 more of the tiny lights similar to the ones on your license plate for the Pontiac emblem. The color is Black and Brown from the license plate. Make sure they are long enough to reach to the illuminated emblem of the tail light assembly. This will mean that your emblem will light only when you turn on your park or head lights. On the factory fastback Fiero. The emblem lights when you turn on the engine.

Final Notes:

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Remember to use the electrical tape and twisting the wire splice till you complete the installation. Once the system is tested for proper working, the it is recommended that you now sodder the wires together and properly wrap the area with the electrical tape.

Also when routing the wire be aware of moving pars as well as hot engine parts.

I've heard of simpler ways to do this. This is just the way i've done it to my Fieros. Use your own better judgement.


Good Luck


If you find fault in my instructions please email me so I may correct any errors.

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