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Tips &Instructions:

This page will feature tips on maintaining your Fiero and Instructions for making Modifications and Repairs.

Please take a moment to read the following disclaimer:

All tips and instructions represented on this site are not performed by a pro or is intended to come across as such. They are just tips based on my own experiance and or modifications performed on my personal Fieros which have worked for me. The tips and instructions are meant only for the Pontiac Fiero and no other vehicle. You may find an easier way or better way to do what I have explained in any of the sections. If a pro recommends otherwise a procedure I have written, please take it under extensive consideration. If you have any other questions or notice a fault in my instructions please feel free to let me know. I cannot be held liable for any damage, loss of time, or similar, resulting from the tips and instructions that are placed here as a personal experiance guide and not a factory authorised Instruction and Repair Manual.

In short, check out what I've written, use your own logic and experiance. Ask a second opinion from a repair shop or fellow Fiero owner BEFORE you attempt any of my tips or instructions.


Removing a Solid roof and Installing a Factory Sunroof.

Removing a Notchback Clip and Installing a Fastback clip.

Wiring Modification to make the 5-speed backup light work on an original 4-speed Fiero.

Wiring Modifiation to make Fastback tail lamps work on an original Notchback Fiero.

How to fix that wobble in your steering column.

Installing the Standard Dash Cover



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