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Interior Packages

This section will surely offer Interior Packages to change things like the Dash, Door Panels, and Center Console.

Companies that offer Interior Packages are more than welcome to contact me if you would like to have your kits distributed through this site.


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Front pict Front View Raw Uncovered

Top View Top View Raw Uncovered

Covered Dash f50 Covered in an Type 1/50kit

355 covered Covered in an Type 1/355kit

Standard Dash Cover

This dash cover is the same as what used to be included in the kit package for the Type 1/355s on my Body Kits page. They became so popular that we are now offering it as a separate dash cover.

It is a simple Fiberglass cover. The only holes are the ones for the vents to the windshield. There are scribes for the standard placement of the Fiero OEM vents to be cut out. Or you can customize this Dash Cover by using your own style A/C vents...such as the round vents from the Mazda Miata, which looks pretty cool..

You will need to upholster this cover for final look like example Picts. The Standard Dash cover is manufactured to be upholstered. It will not be a simple paint over finish... the finish requires Upholstery so please consider this need.

To install this dash cover you will need to modify your OEM dash by cutting away about 1"- 1 1/2" from the front of the OEM dash so that the cover can recess all the way to the windshield. Normally, you wouldl cut off the "bumps" that protrude from the side vents... Also it is recommended to NOT permanent attach this dash cover...mainly because it is possible that you might need to access the dash components...(change your speakers, replace a bulb in the instrument panel, etc.) We recommend using Double sided tape velcro or attach snaps...these will allow a more fixed dash cover without permanent mounting that can be a hassle later.


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All Body kit packages are considered Custom Fabricated Auto Parts. Custom Fabricated Auto Parts are non refundable, non returnable, non exchangeable. Custom Fabricated Auto parts are made to order and will be shipped out within 5 days of when fiberglass fabrication is complete.

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