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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have questions then hopefully I can save you some time on the basics...

These are questions I am asked often concerning my parts for sale.

Keep the questions coming and this list will surely grow.

Q. Where am I located?
A. Los Angeles Calif area or more specific North Hollywood

Q. How do I pay for the part I want?

A. I accept Money Orders, Checks, and Credit/Debit cards via PayPal.

Q. How do I figure out how much I will owe for the parts I want?

A. When requesting a part or price just include your zip code and if i have the part onhand i can shop for the best shipping rates for you.

Q.How often do I update the Fieroparts site?

A. I try to update my site every few days as Ieither sell parts off the list or find parts that I feel are what someone may be looking for.

Q. Do you ever have parts that are not on the list?

A. Definately...Since I frequently visit places that have salvaged Fieros I can always look for a part for your needs. All you have to do is Email me.

Q. Can you ship parts outside of the US?

A .Yes but keep in mind that Instant order parts that include shipping is based on Domestic Shipping. International shipping will cost extra.

Q. Can you accept major credit card payment?

A . Yes. I am happy to accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard. All via PayPal.

Q.How can I put a link to your site on mine?

A . It is simple...just copy the below html and insert it anywhere on your page...

 <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" ALT="Used Fiero Parts link image" WIDTH=468 HEIGHT=70 BORDER=0 ALIGN=bottom>

It should look like this when inserted in your page:

Used Fiero Parts link image


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